EUR 8.00 Tax Included

  1. Check that your phone is compatible
  2. Choose your prepaid plan
  3. Receive the eSIM via mail
  4. Scan the QR and install



  • Having Wifi with a stable Internet conexión while installing the eSIM
  • Consider having the QR on another device or printing it together with the instructions before installation, as scanning the QR with the phone is required.
  • Important: the eSIM starts working from the day you install it.

This plan can be used in the following destination(s):


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High-speed Internet by simply scanning a QR

4G and 5G speed data plans

You can now choose between Unlimited Day Pass and extended Data Packages. More flexible and suited to all your needs. Select your plan

Very easy to use

Scan a QR and follow the prompts to install eSIM on your compatible device. Verify compatibility

Internet plans for more than 140 countries

Purchase your eSIM from anywhere and start using it immediately.

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Share Internet to your devices

From your cell phone you can share Internet to your computer or tablet.

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Keep your WhatsApp number

You will keep your WhatsApp number, as well as your contacts and conversations.

No more SIM card swapping

You do not need to change your SIM. By simply scanning a QR code you can enjoy a high connection. No Raoming fees!

MIOeSIM is very easy to use!

How it works

Option chosen by people who enjoy traveling

Phone check
Check that your phone is compatible

Before choosing your plan, check that your cell phone is eSIM compatible. Verify compatibility

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Select your prepaid plan

Depending on your needs, select the plan that best suits your needs.
Select plan

Receive by mail

Get your QR code ready to use in your email.

QR scan
Scan your QR

Enter your cell phone settings and scan the QR code, activate MIOeSIM and enjoy your trip.

Best experience while travelling Included
Keep your WhatsApp number on your mobile phone and make video and audio calls tick
Use Maps, Social Networks and any APP installed in your mobile phone. tick
Send and receive emails and browse internet tick
Connect your laptop or tablet to work tick
Listen music and watch You Tube* tick

Still more doubts?

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the main answers that can help you make a purchasing decision. You can find more on the FAQ page.

In order to configure your MIOESIM, it is important that you have a WIFI connection.
It is recommended that you install and activate it before leaving for your destination.
You can also wait until you arrive at the hotel or airport, but remember that it is important that when you connect it, you must have a WIFI connection.

MIOPACKS are international data plans that allow you to be connected to multiple countries around the world.
On the other hand, there are local plans, which are only good for a particular country. Once you leave the country, you would be disconnected.

MIOeSIM offers 4G, LTE and 5G connection like any local data line. It will depend on where you are and the available antennas. Keep in mind that in remote areas or areas with poor coverage, you could have weak connections or lower speeds.

Once the payment has been made, you will automatically receive an email to the email registered during the purchase process.
Inside it, you will find your QR to make your configuration.

With MIOESIM you will be able to share data with other devices, as if you were sharing internet.
Before buying your data pack, take into account how much data you will need so you don’t run out in the middle of your trip.

Of course you can! You don’t need to make any extra configuration, because with MIOeSIM you don’t need to change your chip.

If for some reason you have deleted or lost the QR code, please contact us via email or through our chat so we can resend you the code. Don’t worry, it has a solution, just remember to save it well to avoid delays in your configuration.

MIOeSIM has a maximum amount of data usage and a limit on the number of days.
It may happen that you have used all the data included in your pack (either GB or days), so the card will stop working and you will not have internet access.
In these cases, with MIOeSIM, you have the possibility to buy another pack of data needed for you.
This way you will never run out of internet when you need it the most.