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Conservarás tu número de WhatsApp, así como tus contactos y conversaciones.

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Selecciona los países a los que viajarás y el plan de datos que mejor se adapte a tu viaje, y te enviaremos por correo electrónico la eSIM en un código QR para su instalación. Es muy fácil.

¡MIOeSIM es muy fácil de usar!

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Phone check
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Antes de elegir tu plan, comprueba que tu móvil es compatible con la eSIM.
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Accede a la configuración de tu móvil, escanea el código QR, activa la MIOeSIM y ¡disfruta de viajes sin límites!

¡Conecta la onda de amor!

Vanina Lerena
Vanina Lerena
Very good service. We always had a very good signal, and although we had a problem connecting cell phones that were somewhat old models, I had assistance right away to solve the problem.
Andrea Ragno
Andrea Ragno
The service is excellent. I have used it in Argentina, Japan and Italy. It has not failed us at any time.
Glaybert R.
Glaybert R.
Very good experience when hiring the service since I had internet throughout the trip without problems. Compliance with the delivery of the equipment prior to the trip, and clear instructions for its return once the rental period has ended.
Daniel Montesinos (Guri)
Daniel Montesinos (Guri)
I hired them to go to Las Vegas along with 3 other people and it has worked perfectly at all times, also on plane stopovers.They have been very punctual and comfortable in delivery and collection, a true marvel of service and at an excellent price.Very happy with the experience.
Roxana Martinez
Roxana Martinez
Excellent product, super fast and efficient service, super friendly staff!It is the best option to travel and have internet at all times, I loved it!
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez
A truly beautiful thing about MIOWIFIsecond time I've taken it to Europe and I'm increasingly convinced that it's the bestWithout a doubt it will always be my best WIfI travel option
Kevin A
Kevin A
Super recommended for traveling with miowifi. A router that you keep in your pocket and lasts all day and you charge it at night. It allows you to connect up to 5 cell phones or 5 computers at the same time with super fast internet and ALL OVER THE WORLD. VERY GOOD ATTENTION.
Jesús Alejandro Delgado Marín
Jesús Alejandro Delgado Marín
I just used it for a trip to Brazil and it worked very well for us. We were able to connect as a family (3-4 cell phones) and everything was fine. The battery lasts an average of 12 hours, so we used it sparingly for Uber and WhatsApp, mainly or social networks and almost whenever we went outside the hotel's Wi-Fi network. It is a very good option instead of buying individual cell phone chips of dubious origin, and it is also group. Highly recommended.
Victoria Slvatierra
Victoria Slvatierra
It's the second time I've hired it for trips around Europe and it works perfect!!I recommended it to acquaintances and they didn't have a single problem either.Much better and more practical than buying a card
veronica menesesfelix
veronica menesesfelix
I give them 4.5 stars. It worked perfectly for me, except that due to some oversight on the part of the company when making the reservation, they had not activated it and when I arrived in Europe it did not connect to the internet, I had to connect to a WIFI network at the airport, which was in connection before to my final destination to communicate with them and let them know, fortunately due to the time change in Mexico it was working hours and during my flight to my destination, when I arrived it was already working perfectly, it never downloaded, it never disconnected and it always with very good speed, I would really use it again and I recommend it but before your trip check with them that the reservation is made. With this router it is wonderful because you connect automatically and you don't have to insert chips or change numbers. it is very useful. thank you
Alvaro Morales Esteban
Alvaro Morales Esteban
I hired the service for a trip to the US and I can only speak well of the router. The battery lasts a long time, the data speed is around 30 or 40mb/s and it has very good coverage.At no time during the week of the trip have we had any problems and we have been with two or three devices connected the entire time. Highly recommended
Nerea Piquer
Nerea Piquer
In our case the experience has been very good. We took it to spend 6 days in New York and it worked perfectly for two people.I turned it on as soon as I got off the plane and from then on it didn't stop working for a second. We used it for about 15 hours every day and charged it while we slept and the battery hasn't run out all at once.I have seen comments with very bad experiences but in my case I recommend it 100%, it saved our lives because the rest of the alternatives were more expensive and limited.I will definitely use it again if I need it.
José Gerardo Martinez Ortiz (Jerry75)
José Gerardo Martinez Ortiz (Jerry75)
I used this service after reviewing several options on the market and it really did not disappoint me, on the contrary. The experience with the service was the best.Regarding the internet service, I was very satisfied since I had it available at all times and with a good signal quality and the most important thing is that it always kept me close to the information that I needed to have at hand. I recommend them since you avoid having to activate Chips or search for an internet provider in each country. Thanks MioWifi!!!
Super recommended. I hired it for 10 days in Italy and it never failed me, since I arrived at the airport I just turned it on with my cell phone and that's it, the whole process is very easy. I was very happy, and I honestly had my doubts from the beginning that it was true, but excellent
Ruth Aranda
Ruth Aranda
Super good!!! I hired it for 15 days in several cities in Europe and without any problems. Just check that the device works when it arrives because by mistake I didn't check it and the day I was traveling I realized that it didn't work!!! I contacted Mio WiFi and they took me to the airport without any problem before the departure of my flight. I will tell you that I did panic but they solved it without a problem. Already being in Europe I was always connected without any problem. I really highly recommend it!!! Thank you for making our trips easier and more pleasant because being there you do need to have a good Wi-Fi to connect to Google maps to be able to get around.
Joan Molet
Joan Molet
We have been traveling around Japan for 10 days without any problems. Four phones connected. We will use again on future trips.
Lee Galea
Lee Galea
The MIOWIFI is AMAZING. We did a week in the US and we never had any issue with the device. WIFI was strong even in Metros. Definitely will use it again. Weel done.
Armando Romeu
Armando Romeu
The BEST yet cheaper way to carry WIFI with you all times in all countries... Will definitely recommend!

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Preguntas frecuentes

Estas son las preguntas y respuestas habituales que pueden ayudarte a tomar una decisión de compra. Puedes encontrar más información en la página de preguntas frecuentes.

– Para configurar tu MIOeSIM, es importante que dispongas de una conexión WIFI. Se recomienda instalarlo y activarlo antes de salir hacia tu destino.
También puedes esperar a llegar al hotel o al aeropuerto, pero recuerda que es importante que cuando lo conectes tengas conexión WIFI.

La MIOeSIM tiene una cantidad máxima de uso de datos y un límite en el número de días.
Puede ocurrir que hayas utilizado todos los datos incluidos en tu pack (ya sean GB o días), por lo que la tarjeta dejará de funcionar y no tendrás acceso a Internet.
En estos casos, con la MIOeSIM, tienes la posibilidad de comprar otro paquete de datos necesario para ti.
Así nunca te quedarás sin internet cuando más lo necesites.

Sí, es posible. Pero tienes que tener en cuenta los siguientes puntos:
1. Si decides dejar activada la tarjeta SIM, es posible que al realizar o recibir llamadas y SMS, tu proveedor de red aplique tarifas elevadas en tu resumen.
2. Por eso te recomendamos que desactives tu SIM y realices llamadas o envíes mensajes a través de aplicaciones móviles, como WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Funcionan con conexión a Internet, por lo que tendrás que tener en cuenta estos costes cuando utilices tu MIOeSIM.

Si por alguna razón has borrado o perdido el código QR, ponte en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico o a través de nuestro chat para que podamos reenviarte el código. No te preocupes, tiene solución, sólo recuerda guardarla bien para evitar retrasos en tu configuración.

Los MIOPACKS son planes de datos internacionales que te permiten estar conectado a varios países del mundo.

Por otro lado, hay planes locales, que sólo sirven para un país concreto. Una vez que salgas del país, estarás desconectado.

Con la MIOeSIM podrás compartir datos con otros dispositivos, como si compartieras internet. Antes de comprar tu paquete de datos, ten en cuenta cuántos datos vas a necesitar para no quedarte sin ellos en mitad del viaje.

La MIOeSIM ofrece conexión 4G, LTE y 5G como cualquier línea de datos local. Dependerá de dónde te encuentres y de las antenas disponibles. Ten en cuenta que en zonas remotas o con mala cobertura, podrías tener conexiones débiles o velocidades más bajas.

¡Claro que puedes! No necesitas hacer ninguna configuración extra, porque con la MIOeSIM no necesitas cambiar tu chip.

Sí, tu WhatsApp será el mismo de siempre. Al instalar nuestra MIOeSIM, conservarás tu número de WhatsApp, así como tus contactos y conversaciones.
Te recomendamos que, en caso de que tengas que hacer videollamadas por WhatsApp, sean cortas y medidas, ya que consumen muchos datos. Es aconsejable utilizar mensajes o audios en la medida de lo posible.

Una vez realizado el pago, recibirás automáticamente un correo electrónico a la dirección de correo electrónico registrada durante el proceso de compra. Dentro de él, encontrarás tu QR para realizar tu configuración.