MIOeSIM is the IDEAL solution for companies that REQUIRE their executives to stay connected while traveling! It also provides a PREDICTABLE service cost with NO surprises.

Maximize the productivity of your team at the smallest price.


Reduce your international data and business travel expenses.


You can choose between Unlimited Day Pass and extended Data Packages. Check our plans —> eSIM plans


From your cell phone you can share Internet to your computer or tablet.


You will keep your WhatsApp number, as well as your contacts and conversations.


You do not need to change your SIM. By simply scanning a QR code you can enjoy a high connection. No Raoming fees!


Choose the plan that best suits your budget. We have MIOPACKS for every continent.

Features Global service business plans
Instant connectivity in 140+ countries
You help the environment because, as a virtual SIM, you do not have to change it all the time, so there is no plastic.
It is instant, you choose your plan, you pay and you receive an email with the QR. This reduces costs as there are no middlemen or emails to take time.
No need to change your phone number, so you can stay in touch with your loved ones.
Fast and secure because it connects to the best antennas in the country you want to visit, ensuring a quality connection.
24/7 Team Communication while on a business trip
If you run out of GB, you can recharge the same pack without reinstalling it.
It doesn't use roaming, so there are no surprises when you get your phone bill.

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